Google shopping ads campaign for D2C brands now and you can track the quality of your ads with scaling on the shopping campaign with us, so we will discussion on it about the scaling part of the shopping campaign now.

Google shopping Ads campaign

first things first, I am talking about only first page first results only in google so let’s explain here with simple words here.

we can rank our ads on the SERP page and we can see the best placement on google in the shopping campaigns only because we can look at google and find products on google with proper snippets.

so let me tell you,

this is my shopping campaign now you can search on google for shoes for men, you will get the right results around you and you can get tracked on the first page with proper ideas with photos and prices on it.

it properly makes it simple and easy to use and purchase where you can purchase this item with simple tricks and tips only. so we can be talking about it as proper manual ways of shopping ads.

this position is the google shopping ads campaign on google so we have the first SERP placement on google that’s why we can purchase easily with the google shopping ads campaign.

Google shopping is one of the best results providing campaigns on google ads because we have to search and display campaign combinations at a time.

google ads bidding strategies

google shopping ads can be incredibly perfect for your shopping campaign and you can scale your products with the perfect bidding strategies and you can grow with this campaign and budget level.

Smart Bidding

smart bidding is the machine learning-based smart bidding option and it is automatically set up and you can get the perfect bidding through my smart bidding yet.

smart bidding has a contextual signal to trigger ads, including location and audience ads. smart bidding is an easy way to Take good ROI and we can scale with it once if we have a good campaign in our ads account.

Target CPA Bidding

Target CPA (Cost Per Action) bidding is a type of Smart Bidding strategy that allows you to get as many conversations as possible at or below your set CPA. 

all of the bidding targets with your old bidding CPA where you can get the right solution of your CPA and you will get all types of orders around $20 CPA and you will fix CPA $25 that’s fine you will get all type of google shopping ads solution.

Target ROAS bidding

lets me simplify this ROAS factor where you can get the perfect ideas for this ROAS now and here you can solve the main issue of ROAS factor in google shopping ads because everyone also facing ROAS issue how can we improve this ROAS setting up and got it.

if you invest in ads spent 1000 and get 5000 that means you are getting 5 ROAS now that’s very simple we are getting around 5 ROAS now we can simply with a particular product now.

our product price is 1000 and we spent for purchase 200 and delivery also 100 that means we spent to deliver our cost margin 300 and we have 700 margin price if we have 100 CPAs at that time we have 400 value of products on investment to deliver.

600also simple profit on our ads now.

we have the same and simple question for you guys and we can target ROAS now.

Aditya Bhardwaj
Author: Aditya Bhardwaj

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