yes, this is the authentic and real stats on my project whatever you are going to See you can check it anywhere on the internet because I shared with you only based on my proven skills and ideas on projects with my ads specialty today.

One of my Indian Clients: D2C brands

Brand: Silver Jewellery
Location: India
Total Revenue: 16,48,889
Ads costing : 3,60,000

we are doing well nowadays with Indian D2C brands and you can see us some Facebook ads results, and google ads results because this is only for cold motivation to those my clients who have to trust us to make more money today.

have a look at it once :

So you can check the total of last month’s orders now, you have any type of issue we will share it with video mode because your trust is first priority for us we can scale you as well but you have to contact us once we will try to change your present stats yet.

our Facebook ads guide whatever we have focused on orders on Facebook :

I shared with you only an overview of my last 30 days but I can’t share on it google because of Facebook ads policies if you want to see everything I can share it on a personal level.

i have good results on my google account if you want to See you can see it once below :

There are my two main accounts of this brand but I have a scaling and remarketing account for both of the accounts I will share it later definitely

contact us if you want to be a part of our service area once.

Aditya Bhardwaj
Author: Aditya Bhardwaj

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