Paid Marketing with us

Scale with WooCommerce – 1 CR

we Generated 1 CR Revenue with our facebook advertising funnel ..

Scale with Shopify – 16 Lakh

We achieved more than 16 lakh in our upselling and retargeting with Multiple testing ..

One of my Best Campaign

I generated 25 Lakh Revenue from my single campaign where we achieved 5 ROAS ..

Facebook Ads Spent – 10 lakh

I help E-commerce and SaaS businesses like yours get more sales through your facebook funnel using automated sequences like welcome series, abandonment cart,winback sequences,post purchase sequences ,etc

Google Search Console

If you have an E-commerce or SaaS business but aren’t happy with your current website traffic then you’ve landed on the right profile.

Google Ads Funnel

We are experts in D2C brands also generating great revenue nowadays so we can talk now to scale your business in google ads.